3 Simple Bicycle Workouts For Weight Loss

Bicycle Workouts That Can Really Help If You Are Aiming For Weight Loss.

3 Simple Bicycle Workouts For Weight Loss

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If you are looking for bicycle routines to help you with your weight loss goals, then we have something for you.

We scoured the net for a good one. Not any video instructions will do.

The priority is that it must be simple and straightforward. So, we found one for you.

By the way, the instructions are done on a roller, but you can do these on a regular bike. Although, getting yourself a roller is not a bad idea either.

3 Bicycle Workouts For Weight Loss

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Overview Of The Tips In the Video

Stand Up

If you are looking for one of the best bicycle workouts for weight loss, then this is it. It’s simple and it incorporates high-intensity training; something that is proven by science to be an effective workout principle.

The idea is to alternate of HIIT training is to alternate easy and intense pacing. In practice, stand up on your bike for 1 minute, then followed by a minute of sitting down. Then, stand up on your bike again and do it for 2 minutes this time, and followed by sitting down for 2 minutes. Continue the cycle until you get to 5 minutes.

1 Leg Effort

This is one also easy. To do this routine, you need to pedal your bike with only 1 leg and let the other one hang. Do this for 1 minute and rest. Then, do the other leg same for 1 minute and rest another minute. Keep repeating this until each leg gets 5 minutes of workout.

High Cadence

Well, if you love speed, then you are going to love this routine. Before you do this bicycle workout, make sure that you are on an open road. Don’t do this at a busy pathway as you might get into an accident.

The idea is to start speeding up as much as you can for a set amount of time. Then you rest. But you have to be sitting down on your bike. The exact amount of time varies, so you might want to check out the video for better instructions.