Bike Batter Charger And Smart Safe Helmets? Don’t Biking Without It

A battery bike charger and smart helmet – new inventions to make your riding safer than ever before.

Let’s face it, bicycles are not the most sturdiest form of transportation. A bicycle will never win any head-on collision against any kind of motorized vehicle out there.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that we simply rely on our bicycle Gods to deliver us from evil. There are a lot of things that you can do to minimize your risk. In fact, abiding traffic laws and using items that increase your safety and security makes riding enjoyable and relatively safer.

Take for example the bicycle battery charger. It’s a simple device that charges your bicycle so you won’t run out of batter. This one is such a no brainer that I’m surprised that it took a bit of time before it got out. You can check everything that you need to know about a bike charger in our guide (just click the link).

Then there is new cool, safe and smart helmet! You gotta check it out, even the its look makes it very cool!

Designed by cyclists for cyclists, LIVALL’s smart, safe cycling helmets and smart-bike accessories provide cyclists with a safer, more joyful experience. The helmets integrate communications, music and smart lighting.

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