Bicycle Charger Kit And This Interesting Bike Add-on

If you are looking for information about bicycle charger kit, then you might to checkout our in-depth guide to bike charger (follow the link). It’s got how to’s, a buying guide and comparisons.

The rest of the article is about an interesting bicycle add-on that could change the way you propel your bike and charge your smartphone at the same time.

Electric bikes are not new, and let’s face it, it’s not the greatest-looking contraption. However, e-bikes have its own advantages that make them a must for some people.

Now, there is a way you can turn your bike into an e-bike! Curious?

There are a lot of different ways to go electric on a bike, ranging from buying a production model electric bike to swapping out a wheel for an electric drive, to building your own bike, but the Wheezy device is a bit different. Instead of adding a battery and electric motor unit to the bicycle frame itself, this electric bike option bundles the electric drive system into a little trailer that pushes your bike ahead of it.


The Wheezy Ebike device is a 250W electric hub motor powered by a 25V NiMH battery pack, which drives an auxiliary wheel, all built into a tiny trailer that connects to the bike’s rear wheel nut via a quick-connect fitting. A pedal assist sensor installed on the bike’s bottom bracket allows the Wheezy to seamlessly add electric drive to the bike’s motion, or an optional handlebar throttle can be used to manually control the unit

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