Bicycle Phone Charger + Bicycle Laser Light = Safe Night Riding

Bicycle phone charger and a bicycle laser light are two critical aspects for safe night riding.

Let’s face it, riding your bike at night isn’t really the safest thing in the world. However, we love to do it as it’s fun and there is a sense of adventure to it.

Unless you are a lone rider in life, you have people that care about you. And, perhaps you don’t want to meet a bad accident yourself. Therefore, protection and prevention is of utmost priority when riding at night.

Bicycle Phone Charger

You would definitely need a bicycle phone charger, the last thing you want is running out of batter in the middle of nowhere and there is no way for you to contact anyone. Check our in depth guide for bike charger (follow the link).

Bicycle Laser Light

This one is very cool. This nifty device projects a picture of a bicycle in front and back of your bicycle. It tells the people on the road that there is a bicycle driver coming, thus caution is required.

The Burner has been the result of three years of hard work, countless prototypes and rigorous testing, to create something elegantly simple. We are so proud of the Laserlight and have learned so much in its development and delivery; we wanted a back light to match it. We believe we’ve thought of everything with this light, yet obsessed to keep things uncomplicated. Concisely, it’s a no fuss, beautifully stylish back light, for every cyclist

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