Bike Charger For Mobile Phones And New Breeds Of E-Bikes – You Can’t Miss This!

New designs of e-bikes could change the way we commute, and you can probably leave your bike charger for mobile phones at home in the future.

Let’s face it, e-bikes at the moment are clunky and lumbering to say the least. Furthermore, most of them are plainly unattractive. But this could change in the very future.

However, for now, you may have to get a bike charger for mobile phones if you want to get that full-battery status all the time when going out for long bike rides. If you want to know more about how you can charge your phone while biking, then check our in-depth guide to bike charger (click the link). It’s got how to’s, comparisons, buyer’s guide and more.

We are getting out of track here. After all, this is all about new e-bike designs. Check this excerpt:

Take the luxurious Gi FlyBike ( It’s comparatively light (17kg), plugs into a household socket and pairs with a phone app that warns of heavy traffic ahead. It even charges your mobile phone or tablet via a USB port on the frame.


“The aim was to build the perfect bike to commute to work,” he explains. “An all-in-one bicycle that fulfils your tech-savvy needs, adapts to your city and looks sleek.”

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