Bike Touring Tips – 3 Ways To Last Longer

bike touring tipsSpeeding up for short distances is an entirely different feat compared to biking for long distances; also known as bike touring.

Bike touring is all about endurance of the bicycle, body and mind. It’s a very rewarding feeling to have stretched your limits, even for a little bit.

If you are thinking of doing a bike tour, or you simply want to know how you can last longer on the road with your bike, then here are 3 bike touring tips that you should know.

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Pace Yourself

Riding for long distances depends on how much you can resist wear-out. Therefore, your main idea should be – moving at a speed that does not strain your heart’s limit.

Having a heart rate monitor on you is recommended; it helps you keep tabs of when you are pushing yourself too far. If the monitor beeps or spikes unusually, check you’re pacing. However, if don’t have a heart monitor, you can try this trick instead.