Can You Get A DUI On A Bicycle?

Stop assuming! Get straight answers from a lawyer that specializes in DUI…

Can You Get A DUI On A Bicycle

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Drinking may be fun, but DUI’s are not.

In fact, one DUI ticket can be a huge problem.

Nevermind the fines, the possibility of ending up in jail is very possible.

Hence, when it comes to DUI’s, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Which brings us to a question that is commonly asked with regards to bike riders.

Can I get a DUI while riding my bike under the influence?

The problem with this question is that most people assume they know the answer – which usually goes something like this “I won’t get a DUI simply because a bicycle is not a motorized vehicle”. Let me ask you this…

Would you rely on your assumption when placed in a situation that you could end up in jail?

If you’re smart, your answer is a “NO”.

So get your answers straight from a lawyer and check the video below:

A Few Important Points In The Video

We are not going to answer the question with a “yes” or “not”. We are not trying to make you watch the video for nothing.

The truth is, the answer is a big – IT DEPENDS.

Keep in mind that how a vehicle is defined varies from one place to another. Some places may categorize a bicycle as a vehicle in the eyes of law. Thus, it is possible that you can be charged with DUI.

In some places, a bicycle may not be classified as a vehicle. However, some places may state that you can’t ride a bicycle on public roads while intoxicated. In such cases, you may not get a DUI, but you are still breaking the law and you will be subject to a punishment (which may not be necessarily DUI, but a punishment nevertheless).

We suggest that you check the video for a more comprehensive answer.