Custom Bike Wheels VS. Stock Bike Wheels – Know The Real Score

Custom Bike Wheels

Custom bike wheels vs. stock bike wheels?” for many who are a fan of bikes, such question is bound to be asked.

In fact, some of you may have already asked the question yourself. Some of you may have been on the receiving end of advices such as “custom bike wheels is the way to go”, without regards to other factors. So, what is truly the deal between custom bike wheels vs. stock?

The truth is, no can actually tell you if custom bike wheels are the right choice for you. It really depends on the situation and the other factors. What I can do for you is lay-out the important factors to consider, and hopefully you can decide if it’s the right one for you.

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Custom Vs. Stock – Biggest Factors To Consider

I will list the factors that I think that really needs to be considered above all else. Of course, there are other factors. In fact, the more factors you can consider, the better your decision will be. However, at the very least, you will need to think about the factors below: