What You Need To Know About Custom Titanium Bikes

Custom Titanium BikesJust listen to the sound of it – “custom titanium bikes”. I know, right? It has a cool ring to it.

The word titanium really makes you feel as if you are Wolverine, except he has adamantium. But I think its close enough.

But references aside, what can you really expect from a custom titanium bike? What kind of riding that it’s best suited for? And, what are the pros and cons of the bike frame?

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Titanium Bike Frames – A Bit Of History

Titanium is actually a new kind of metal. It was only discovered in 1791. However, it was only during the 1960’s when bike manufacturers began experimenting with the metal as a bicycle frame. The first commercial titanium bike frame made its way to the market around 1970’s.

Titanium was a big hit at the time. However, as the novelty faded, riders began to see the metal just like any kind of bicycle material. By this I mean, it has its strengths and flaws.

Pros Of Titanium Bikes