When Should You Use Hot Or Cold Therapy For Bicycle-Related Injuries

  • how to treat you bicycle injuryAre you confused if should you use a warm towel or an ice pack to treat your injury? We will cover that in the next page so you will know which is the right time to use heat therapy and the right time to use cold therapy.
  • Have you tried using a warm towel on an injury and it only made it worse? The truth is, heat therapy is a lot more helpful. However, if it’s used the wrong time, you will make your injuries worse. In the next page, you will know when is the best time to use heat therapy so you will be healing faster.
  • If you don’t know the principles of how heat and cold works on your injury, you could end-up doing more harm than good. We will cover that in the next page. For you, this means you will be able to learn principles that you can use to treat a bicycle-related injury no matter what the situation.

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