How Many Times Should You Lube The Bicycle Chain?

  • How Many Times Should You Lube The Bicycle ChainPinpointing the optimum number of times you should lube your bike chain is important for bike maintenance. In the next page, you will learn what is the average optimum number of times to lubricate. This means, you can keep your bike chain in tip-top condition and at the same time minimize lube spending.
  • Using the wrong kind of lube can damage your chain, and you are probably using one of them right now. Learn what kind of lubricants you should use. This means you can save money by not spending on the wrong lubricants and you can increase the longevity of your bike chain.
  • Discovering the kind of lube to use is not enough. You must learn how to prepare your chain for optimal cleaning. On the next page, a video will show you how the best way to clean your bike chain in preparation for lubricating. Following the instructions can increase the efficiency of your lubricant and maintenance efforts.

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