How To Charge Your Phone While Biking (Meilan S-Power Review)

Meilan S-Power

One of the best ways to having a bike charger is that you will have a reliable way of charging your smartphone. It’s not dependent on the movement of the wheels to generate power like a dynamo-type charger. It’s the thing that you would want in case of worst-scenarios. This article is going to focus on one of the best bike charger in the market. This will be a Meilan S-Power Review.

* Comes with A LED headlight
* Adjustable Smartphone Holder
* 5400 mAH powerbank capacity
* A Bike Charger With Dust-proof Casing


* Plastic build
* Mounting mechanism could be better


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To tell you honestly, there aren’t many bike chargers out there. We don’t why that’s the case. A cycling USB charger seems to be a natural need for today’s battery-hungry devices. As of now, we just have to work on what’s available and Meilan S-Power battery charger for bicycle is one of them. One of the things that Meilan S-power has going for it is the multi-functional features. Of course, it does what every other portable bike battery charger. It holds your phone, it charges your phone and mounts to your bike.

However, what you can find in Meilan S-Power bicycle charger for iPhone and Android devices is the extra headlight. In all honesty, we are not too shabby about the idea. It’s too gimmicky for us. The problem of an extra headlight is that it will consume power from the battery pack, which could then be used to charge your phone when you really need it. However, it can’t be denied that the extra LED light may be turned off, and it’s a great option when you need it.

Build Quality

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The Meilan S-Power Android and iPhone bicycle charger kit is composed of hardened plastic. If you hold it in your hands, it’s easy to conclude that it’s suitable for everyday use. The plastic is in fact dust and water proof. Hence, you can still use it if you are riding under a bad weather.

Battery Capacity

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The Meilan S-Power bike charger comes with a 5,400 mAh powerbank capacity. It is fairly large for a bike battery charger. In fact, one full charge should be more than enough for a one long ride. However, if you opt to use the headlight, then it will be a different picture. An LED light, even with its low power consumption, still drains the battery faster than your smartphone. So, it’s an issue you have to balance and consider.

What You Need To Know

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All in all, Meilan S-Power is a good option if you are looking for a bicycle phone charger. In our opinion, it’s not the best option, but it’s one of the best. The problem we have with Meilan S-Power bike mobile charger is the mounting mechanism. In our opinion, it’s not that tough. A major fall or accident, and it would most likely get knocked off.

Keep in mind that one of the biggest reasons why you want to get a bicycle charger is for worst-case scenarios, like getting into an accident in the middle of nowhere and your phone is dead. If the mounting mechanism is weak, the accident or fall is most likely going to bang the powerbank, and perhaps rendering it useless. Which then beats one of the biggest reasons for getting one.

However, the Meilan S-Power bike charger for mobile phones does what’s intended. For its price, we think you will be getting a better value with the AbcoTech bicycle charger kit, as it has a better build quality, much better mounting mechanism and bit larger mAh capacity. It probably boils down to this, if you like the additional LED headlight, and you don’t mind the plastic build and mounting mechanism, then Meilan S-Power is a good choice for you.