5 Easy Tips On How To Ride Faster

For some reason, most people love going faster.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a car or a roller coaster.

But that’s another topic. In this post, we will cover a few tips on you can ride faster with your bike.

Before we proceed to the specific tips, make sure that you put a high priority on bicycle safety. Make sure that you have the ability to call someone at all times whenever you are riding. This also means, that your phone should never die on you. If you need help with this, you can check our “In-depth Guide To Bike Charger 2016″(opens in a new window) .

Reduce The Frontal Drag

Most of your energy is directed at plowing the wind. Hence, make yourself smaller, so you can go faster.

If you are purchasing a new bike, it’s good to know which factors that can help you move faster. For example, putting a bicycle wheel as low as possible can greatly increase speed gain.

A triathlon aerobar is a lot deeper and can greatly help in reducing drag. On a road bike, it may increase your speed to three kilometers per hour (if you keep your hands in the lower brackets). Also, do not wear fluttering clothes and limit the size of the panniers.

Lower The Rolling Resistance

The rolling of the tire takes a lot of energy, especially at low speed. You can increase speed by decreasing rolling resistance. Rolling resistance can be decreased in a couple of ways:

  • Inflate the tires. A hard tire bounces less and loses less energy. But, a too hard tire also isn’t great when it comes to dampening vibrations. More vibration means less comfort, and makes you lose energy faster. Hence, find a good balance. To help you with this, you might want to use a pump with a proper pressure meter and valve coupling.
  • Take smoother tires. The smoother the band, the less rolling resistance.
  • Take thinner tubes. From a measurement of Schwalbe, it was found out that thinner inner tubes result in a remarkable saving of six watts at a speed of 20 kph.

Slipstream Is Your Friend

The one of the easiest ways to cycle to conserve energy and mover faster is by making use of slipstream.

Slipstream is the immediate area behind another fast moving cycler. Making use of a slipstream will result to an approximate 30% less energy consumption.

The smartest cyclist adhere in the middle of a platoon, hidden among the other riders. He will save 50% energy compared to the lone breakaways.

However, tight in the wheel driving requires alertness and a good control of the bike. Actually, it’s illegal if you are riding in a sanctioned tournament.

Become Lighter

Anyone who follows the sport of cycling, most would think that saving weight on the bike is the best way to speed up. That is not always true. Three kilos of weight reduction on your road bike will only result to 0.1 kilometers per hour gain (on a flat surface).

A light bike is fun, especially when storing and accelerating. However, the most effective way to gain speed on your bike is to lose body weight.