How To Prevent Your Bicycle From Being Stolen

  • how to secure your bikeThere are ways you can do to significantly decrease the chance of your bike being stolen. In the next page, we will cover KEY principles about  securing your bike. Since these are principles, you will be able to apply these no matter the situation.
  •  Not all bike locks are equal! Right now, you could be using a bike lock that is very vulnerable for bike thieves. In the next page, we will cover what kind of lock to avoid. For you this means you will be keeping your bike more secure, and avoid spending money on easy-to-break locks.
  • Even if you have the best bike lock right now, but if you don’t know how to use it properly, you are still leaving your bike vulnerable to an “easy steal”. In the next page, you will see an image on how to properly lock your bike. In short, you will learn how to make your bike more secure using the best lock right now.

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