In our present society, electronics are everywhere. Almost in every corner and in every hand is a smartphone. While the value of smartphones is immeasurable , every single one of them runs on one thing – Electric Power! Or what I would like to call Juice!

As of the moment, electric power is stored in the form of batteries. However, as smartphones get more and more powerful, its battery consumption also goes up. In fact, there is no smarpthone out there that will be able to last a single day if you make it run with all of its bells and whistles.

To cover a single day, you must have at least one powerbank within your reach. Powerbanks have come in many forms, shapes and sizes, but for this in-depth guide, we will thoroughly cover what is a bike charger. This article aims to inform you on what you need to know about the bicycle charger for cell phone, why you need it, how it use it, how to care for one and the factors you need to consider when you buy bicycle phone charger.

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* What Are The Best Bicycle Charger Kit? (Comparison)
* What Is A Bike Battery Charger?
* How Did The Bicycle Phone Charger Into Existence?
* Why Is It Critical To Buy A Bicycle Batter Charger?
* How Do You Use A Bike Mobile Charger?
* How To Care For The Bike Charger For Mobile Phones And Extend Its Usefulness?
* What Features To Consider Before Buying A Bike Charger (Buying Guide)?



What Are The Best Bicycle Charger Kit? (Comparison)

Below are the top 2 choices if you are looking for the best bike battery charger:

AbcoTech Bicycle Smartphone Charger

CoolBikesMounts - Bike Charger

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This is probably the best bike battery charger at the moment. There are only a few key features of AbcoTech, but it’s enough to push it ahead when compared to similar products. The design is minimalist and futuristic. It can fit to almost any bicycle, and the look will automatically pop-out as something very cool. The build is also great, combining plastic and aluminum alloy for a durable build. In fact, AbcoTech is only one of the few bicycle charger USB out there that is not all made of plastic.

AbcoTech charger for bike also offers the highest capacity. It has a total capacity of 6,000 mAH, with 3.7 voltage. Installation may require a bit of work, but once installed, it probably offers the surest grip as the mount is directly attached to your bicycle.

AbcoTech bike battery to mobile charger has a two-winged clamped system, which is also adjustable.

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Meilan Portable Bike Battery Charger

CoolBikesMounts - Meilan1

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Meilan has a unique system that is a bit different. Their cycling USB charger offers the same features like other product, but it also comes with an additional headlight incorporated in its design. It also carries a reasonable capacity of 5,300 mAH. The design is built strong and durable, but it’s all plastic. It’s a strong plastic nevertheless. The mounting system is easy since it’s more of a clamp. However, since it’s not mounted on the bike, some rough patches may cause it to lose its grip. It’s worth mentioning that the powerbank is encased with a waterproof encasement.



What Is A Bike Battery Charger?

The idea behind the bike trickle charger is very simple, and that’s the beauty of it. It serves a purpose, and it does it very well. At the very core, a pocket bike battery charger is a powerbank specially designed for bicycle mounting.

Depending on the brand and model, a bicycle chargers for mobile phones has two main parts:

* The Mount – this is the part that attaches to your bicycle. Usually, you don’t need to use complicated tools or specialize knowledge to mount these bad boys. Most of the time, what you need can be found in a common toolbox.

* The Powerbank – this is the part that stores the “juice” so your smartphone can charge while you are on the road. Just like other powerbanks, different models have different capacities. The higher the capacity, the more pricey it is.


How Did The Bicycle Phone Charger Into Existence?

What’s interesting about the best bike battery charger is that it’s a product born of necessity combined with ingenuity.

Imagine yourself riding through a mountain trail. For some of you, it’s not hard to imagine because you have probably done it many times. Now imagine, you take a peek at your phone and realize that you’re on low-batt status.

You calculate it that your ride would still last an hour more. From that moment, you will know that you will have a dead smartphone before you arrive at your destination.

What if you simply bring a powerbank with you? This is actually the logical solution. However, most powerbanks are not designed for bicycle use. Most of the time, they easily slip out. Even if they won’t slip out, they are bulky. It would be very inconvenient to carry a bulky piece of electronics in your pocket while cycling.

When you are cycling for the long roads, you should aim for utmost convenience. Even a minor inconvenience stretched over a long period of time will easily become a major inconvenience that can easily and negatively affect your performance or overall experience.

Then there is the worst-case scenario. What if you get into an unfortunate accident while riding and in the middle of nowhere? How can you send help if you have a dead phone?

From the mentioned problems was born of ingenuity. Combining a mount and a powerbank, you now have a bicycle smartphone charger.


Why Is It Critical To Buy A Bicycle Batter Charger?

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to get a bicycle charger USB. However, below are a few of the biggest reasons:

* Safety – if there is one reason why you should get a charger for bike, then safety should be it. It can’t be stressed enough the potential danger of having to ride long stretches of road in a remote location. The worst-case possible scenarios are endless. You may get hit by a wild animal, you may fall off the bike or just any accident you can imagine, and then you find out your smarpthone battery is dead!

It just boils down to simple math. For the costs of having that bike battery to mobile charger, you could potentially save your life and you can’t put a price tag on that. You may reason that worst-case scenarios have a slim chance of happening. True, but once it does and you can get out of the dire situation with just a couple of dollars, wouldn’t you do it?

* Convenience – another reason is the sheer convenience. A nicely portable bike battery charger will allow you to ride your bike unhindered. Your smartphone and your powerbank will be mounted on the bicycle safely, and you get to concentrate on the road ahead.

* Great Accessory – well this depends on the kind of cycling USB charger you get. However, if you have a battery charger for bicycle with the right style that compliments your bicycle’s style, it will only make it cooler than ever before.


How Do You Use A Bike Mobile Charger?

Using bike charger phone is a simple matter. Using it on a daily basis is pretty much easy and straightforward. However, the installation of the mount may take a bit of work, but is very easy and no special skills are necessary.

Installation – the installation process is different from one model to another. Upon receiving your bike charger, it will come with a manual. The manual will tell you how to install the mount properly. It is important that you follow instructions carefully so your bike battery charger will be securely mounted and will also keep your smartphone secure and safe.

Using The Bicycle Charger On A Daily Bases

If you have plans of using bicycle phone charger for your ride, then you need to charge the battery pack first.

Step 1 – remove the battery pack from the mount.

Step 2 – charge the battery pack using a USB charger.

Step 3 – wait for it until it gets a full charge, or what charge level you may need.

Step 4 – unplug the battery pack from the charger.

Step 5 – place the battery pack in the bicycle phone charger mount.

Step 6 – place your smartphone securely in the bike charger phone mount.

Step 7 – connect the USB cord that connects the battery pack and the smartphone so it will start charging.


How To Care For The Bike Charger For Mobile Phones And Extend Its Usefulness?

* Original Charger – your bike mobile charger should come with a charger of its own. It is important that you only use the original charger when it comes to charging the powerbank of your bicycle charger. What you are trying to avoid is the charger damaging the powerbank. For example, if the un-original charger does not provide sufficient voltage, the powerbank may get damaged. Powerbanks come in different voltages, like 12v bike battery charger.

* Charge It Regularly – make sure that you charge your powerbank regularly. If you are not using the bike charger for mobile phones constantly, make sure that you charge the powerbank at least once a month. This will reduce the chances of the powerbank getting damaged and it will not affect its charging capacity.

* Dry Environment – make sure that you keep the powerbank away from anything wet or moisture. Like any electronic device, water can damage the internal parts of the powerbank. Also, avoid exposing the powerbank to extreme conditions.

* Separate Charging – it is very important that you do not charge your smartphone while the powerbank is charging. Doing so may cause the smartphone and/or powerbank to heat up to the point of overheating. Overheating will then cause damage to the powerbank and/or your device.

* Do Not Overcharge – make sure that you do not charge the powerbank too long to a point that it already overcharging. Overcharging may cause the powerbank to overheat.

* Do Not Drop – avoid dropping the powerbank as much as possible. The force of the drop can cause damage to the internal parts of the powerbank.


What Features To Consider Before Buying A Bike Mobile Charger(Buying Guide)?

* Build Quality – you must consider the build quality of the bicycle charger kit before you buy it in relation to the kind of cycling you are doing. There are basically two kinds of materials used in today’s bike charger USB. There are the aluminum and tough plastic.

Aluminum is tougher than plastic, but it’s also much more expensive. If you want the best deal possible, then you must suit your bicycle charger for cell phone to your preferred cycling style. If you are into rugged terrain, you might want to prefer the aluminum types as they are stronger and the increased cost would be sensible. Try looking for a dirt bike battery charger.

* Capacity – a bike trickle charger is not complete without its powerbank. Therefore, it’s important to consider the amount of powerbank capacity you will need during your ride. If you are fond of riding for hours, then you might want to get higher capacity. If you are also lazy when it comes to charging it all the time, then high-capacity powerbanks will afford you more bike runs on a single charge.

* Mounting – the mount is another factor to consider. There are basically two types of mounts. The clamping style and the one that you need to mount to the bike. The clamp style is much easier to attach, but it’s also easier to detach in case of accidents or a fall. The mounting style will take a bit of time during the first time you install the bicycle charger, but it’s definitely a lot more secure.

* Clamp – every pocket bike battery charger has its own way of securing your smartphone. However, make sure the wings can clamp down on your smarpthone securely. It has to have a tight fit, and won’t let the smartphone move around. Also, another thing that you need to consider is how wide the clamp will open. The clamp wideness should be wider than your smartphone, otherwise it won’t fit.

* Warranty – not all bicycle chargers for mobile phones are backed up with warranty. However, its best that you go for the product that offers the most warranty. Why? Simply because it will tell you how confident the manufacturers are with their product. At the very least, go for the products that are backed with a money-back guarantee. The best ones are the bike charger for mobile phones that are backed with a lifetime guarantee.

* Specialty – as much as possible, go for the bike charge phone that is especially designed for your device. If you have an iPhone, then look for a bike charger for iPhone. If you have an HTC, then get an HTC bicycle charger.

* Price – the bike battery charger price is also something to consider. Remember, the cheapest does not mean the best, especially if you are looking for a bicycle charger for iPhone.

* Reviews – before finally making a purhase, make sure that you read a couple of bicycle phone charger reviews. The more information you can digest, the better you can make a purchasing decision.