3 Tips For Finding The Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddle (Or Any Kind Of Bike Saddle)

Most Comfortable Road Bike SaddleAre you looking for the most comfortable road bike saddle?

Are you making the mistake of thinking that more cushioning, the more comfortable the saddle?

When purchasing a bicycle, most people get hooked with the aesthetics or perhaps the bike frame or the wheels. Most often than not, taking time to choose the right bicycle saddle is the last thing on people’s mind.

It’s only when they start riding their bicycles for long stretches that they realize that they could use some comfortable saddles. And yes, uncomfortable saddles will have a negative impact on your performance. So, how do you pick the right saddle?

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Most Comfortable Road Bike Saddle – It’s Not What Most People Think

Before we cover a few specific tips on how you can get the right saddle for you, there is one critical thing that you need to realize when it comes to choosing the right saddle.