Road Bike Party 2 – You Can’t Seriously Miss This!

Beautiful bikes, crazy speed & cool tricks – this ain’t a movie – it pure skills…

Pure Awesome Cycling – Simple As That

These guys elevated the road bike to new heights. I just love everything about the video.

The bikes and gear are simply sleek. I must admit, it made my mouth drool a bit. Then there are the tricks.

Geesh, I never thought you could pull such kind of tricks on a road bike. On the downside, my road bike is kinda expensive for me and I can’t imagine this doing on my bike. One mistake and we could be talking about a broken frame or a “8” wheel.

Another thing that was breathtaking are the sceneries. I especially love the nature scenes. Bunny hopping through the rocks with a beautiful scene backdrop. It’s really enjoyable to see skills, bikes and sceneries coming into one great series of scenes.

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